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Japan Disaster

Less than one year ago we were shocked by the gigantic disaster in Haiti, an earthquake destroyed the country. Now, again, a different country is going through one of the most difficult and saddest moments in its history.

Japan is suffering the consecuences of the most devastating earthquake in the last 120 years, and this is not the only thing they are facing, the tsunami and now the nuclear threat only make it even worse.

Each day we are seeing the suffering they are all going through, and how their inhabitants have been affected. The number of losses is much higher than initially thought and there are regions severely affected in which survivors are suffering from lack of food and shelter.

At this time there are about 100.000 children displaced. Most of them have lost their houses and have been obliged to refuge in evacuation centers.

The situation couldn't be more urgent, they need our help…

As Obra Social Agape [Agape Social Work] we want to help as much of possible in this situation. We are directly working with the organization CRASH Japan ( This organization has been created as a response to extreme crisis circumstances like this one. They are coordinating the movement of volunteers in the country and a fast distribution of food, clothe and water in the most affected areas. They are giving hope to thousands of displaced  japanese people.

To make this help a reality we ask you to take part of this financially. This is an urgen situation and we need to get this help there as soon as possible.

To make a gift please click on the Collaboration button you see below. Once in the next screen you need to choose "Japón" as Social Work Project.


This is only possible with your help, without you we wouldn't be able to help them.

Thank your very much for having a heart for those who suffer the most.


Rubén Rivera

Obra Social Agape Director

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