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On the 12th of January Haiti lived the worst natural catastrophe in its history. The world was perplexed as it could contemplate the devastation caused by an earthquake that left almost three hundred thousand dead people in its wake.

Leogane is one of the poorest regions in Haiti and where we can find the children’s home Ça-Ira, which provided shelter, care and education opportunities to 75 children that were orphans before the disaster occurred. When the earthquake started, in less than one minute the children’s home collapsed, burying in rubble five children and two educators that could not be saved.

During the first months the children had to live in very small shelters and tents, many times having to sleep on the floor. In the rainy season, water flooded the tents, thus creating very precarious hygienic conditions. After this happened, wooden provisional homes were built for them.

Children must be children

Shortly after the earthquake stopped, Agape started to work through its humanitarian aid NGO – GaiN, sending help to the people of Haiti in the form of food, tents, water filters, medical equipment… While this was happening we made the decision to rebuild the Ça-Ira children’s home, in a country where many orphan children live on the street and where they are easy prey for abuse and violence if they don’t have a home which will receive them. The children’s home can offer them protection, education and hope.


The construction project

On a first stage we are going to build a house that will accommodate 100 children. The second stage will be the construction of the school that will also be open to children living near the area. Another stage of the project is the creation of training posts for the ones who finish school and an infirmary. After clearing the rubble the construction project has already started and together we can offer dignity to the children in Haiti.

Join us and take part in this rebuilding project.

Your help is unique and decisive for the children in Haiti!

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