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Obra Social Agape (Agape Social Work) in Madrid is committed to improving our society day by day, carrying out concrete projects that address culture, teach values and and train for living in community.

Being aware that this isn´t something that we can carry out alone, we base our strategy in training an able network of people that can deal with the issues we´re addressing, allowing the most equipped people to shine in his or her specific area.

As we work together with local city government, education centers and other social work programs, we emphasize the idea that in the social system (schools, family, entities) it´s the family that educates and develops fundamental values; it´s the schools that provide the elements for socialization and it´s the rest of society that offers the environment where these things are practiced and shared.

One of the priciple areas where we are working in Obra Social Agape Madrid is in our Parenting School where, within the wide range of topics on family, we are best trained to address development and prevention. We believe that investing in the foundation of the family helps to prepare families to resist the pressures of economic crisis, of family conflict and of the daily wear and tear of life. As we complete these objectives we are carrying out our mission of being a positive source and support for society.

We offer workshops for engaged couples, conferences for married couples, parenting classes for parents and a variety of talks for grandparents.

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