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In Almería, Spain, specifically in the Puche neighborhood we've spent the past few years developing a humanitarian aid project to help more than 300 families (each with more than 5 kids) that have immigrated to Spain from Northern Africa. This demographic has been the group on whom we've focused our efforts due to their lack of material and social resources as a whole. Various issues come together in Puche neighborhood such as being a neighborhood of rundown, low-income housing, as well as, being known as a dangerous and marginalized area. The majority of the families we work with are Morrocan and have  
 immigrated to Almeria in the hope of finding work. Unfortunately for them, they either haven't found work or have lost their job due to the larger economic crisis in Spain and Western Europe as a whole. As you can imagine, such a situation is much more  
 devestating for a family living in a foreign land and without any outside help. Presently we provide humanitarian aid for these families throughout the year that totals 45,000 kilos, or 99,208 lbs, anually. Our full-time staff and volunteers additionally offer personal assistance and guidance to resource families on an ongoing basis and to help them to get back on their feet.

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